Friday, 25 June 2010

This is the place to be.

I sit in my garden, its a good place to be,
With my wonderful husband, and a good cup of tea,
I hear the birdsong and the willow cricket bats,
The sound of children laughing, its the best place to be at,
I sit in my garden, on a chair just for me,
I can honestly say this is the place to be.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Short , Shorts and Bare legs

The sun has been out now for more than a few days, which inevitably brings out the LEGS, at this point i would like to say, that this under no circumstances means MY legs. Oh no i would only get my legs out under the cover of the moon, and without another human within a mile radius.Anyway that all said LEGS, they are and i have witnessed not just on show from the toddlers to teens, no i have seen Ladiies in shorts in their 80's. I have the greatest admiration for people who are comfortable in having them out, but please invest in either a full length mirror or the advice of a good friend.
Having a hefy amount of 'bum cheek'on show in the playground, is enough to put folk off their tea.
Short shorts are fine if you have a bum you could crush paving slabs with, and i dont mean by sitting on them.They are however not pleasing to the eye if you are a certain age and and have legs like mine that could confuse satillite navigation.

You may add a comment in the region of that i am jealous, i do wish i could have my legs out, at least from the knee down would suit.

Enjoy that sunshine,and have a good summer.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Days gone by

In days gone by , i would wake up and kick off the sheets,jump out of bed and and rub my eyes. Now i open one eye crawl out of bed and rub my back.

In days gone by, i would know what i was wearing in the summer as it all fitted and was always sunny. Now i wear what fits wether its hot or not.

In days gone by, i would know who was looking at me in the mirror. Now the person looking back has skin to big for her face, causing it to sag.

In days gone by, i would breathe in, and hold my breath to get rid of Hiccups. Now i breathe in and hold my breath, to reduce my fat belly all the time .

In days gone by, it would be inconvieniant to have to stop to go to the loo. Now its incontinance if i dont.

In days gone by, i would squint if the sun was in my eyes. Now i squint just to see whats ahead.

In days gone by i had no children or bills or responsibilities. Now i have 5 kids and too many bills and lots of responsibilities.

In days gone by i didnt have my wonderful life, so now i know i am getting there.