Thursday, 26 August 2010

Things that bother and annoy me

Here is a list of 6  things that bother or annoy me, try this out.

1. Why if washing your clothes in well branded wach liquid, at 15 degrees gets your clothes clean , why then do they bring out a stain remover.

2. Why if when you open the cereal , 'the settled in transit' has occured is the outer box that big it wont fit in the cupboard...make the boxes smaller, the weight of the product will be the same.

3.Why if you an be bothered enough to get a new loo roll out, can you not be bothered to SLIDE it on the loo roll holder, its not difficult, DONT leave it on the radiator.

4. This is to the man who walks past my house on his way back to work at lunchtime......Ask the woman at the cob shop to take the tomato out your butty and DONT drop it outside my house AGAIN.

5.Why have a hoover at the car wash , if the nozzle is too big to get into the nooks and crannies of a car, its a waste of my £1

6. Why is plastic packaging so hard to get into, and why isn't there a warning that you will need industrial gloves to dispose of packaging, as it is sooooo sharp and is likely to maime you forever.

Now i know some of my dearest friends on Twitter like a good moan so i am tagging the following to give this a go.


I'm getting kind of twitchy.

Its getting really close now, that time of year i dread,   'I HATE THE KIDS GOING BACK TO SCHOOL'. There i have said it, i know that there are going to be many of you that disagree, but i really struggle,I will settle into  it again, i suppose , but  it is  BIG change this year.
Teen 1 and 2 are going off to college,  and Dolly is moving to senior school, if thats not enough Jaboozle is starting playschool. I struggled when Piezer went to school, and felt quite useless for a long time, i missed her so much, and i know that i will feel the same about Jaboozle.

I will however, have less time to feel useless, as new (hopeful) business venures will keep me busy, but i will still have that rock feeling in the pit of my stomach .

I always consider myself as strong and matter of fact, but the summer holidays throw me everytime .

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Fragile flower

Its just a fragile flower, underneath that all that angst.
Its just a the thing that hurts me, to see it wilting now.
I can only offer words and hugs, but its not working now.
I cant take away the pain like i used to be able to do.
Its just a part of life, that i know thats tough.
I know that the promise of a day trip or a packet of sweets ,
wont fix it this time.
I know it will get better, but even that doent seemed to go in.
To see the tears falling and the huge pain in his heart.
This is a broken fragile flower and he is my teenage son,
losing his first love.  

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Getting organised

Do you ever feel that household chores just get on top of you, and you sometimes don't know what to do first. If you have children and especially if they are on holiday from school, you find yourself swamped by the enormity of entertaining and keeping the house from looking like a bombsite, just too much, i have devised a plan, that may help you out.

I have decided to look at this very task, in a proffesional way.

Firstly i will get up a little earlier than the children to grab a bit of peace and a cuppa, to set me up for the day, Then whilst they are eating breakfast i will shower and get dressed. If you have tots then pop them back in their cots or room whilst you get yourself sorted.(if you feel clean and sorted you are better for taking on the task ahead)

Then i will sort out the children and get them washed and dressed, if you have older ones this makes life a lot easier, get them to play quietly in their room or watch the telly for a bit.

I will then set  out what needs to be done and give myself a couple of hours to do it, i look on it as a job, like going out to work, if its in your mindset that this is a job, you are more likley to crack on and get it done .

Don't set yourself impossible tasks, but cleaning dusting and hoovering, cleaning the bathroom and getting the washing on are easy if you are organised .

Once you get into a routine, the tasks get easier, and as the children get older task them with their own chores, repay them with tokens that they can cash in for treats like a trip to the park or swimming. Don't make the reward to expensive or too time consuming, or it becomes more of a battle for you.

Having the day to do what you want is rewarding to you knowing you are not bitting and bobbing from job to job achieving very little.

WELL..... that said i had better get off the computer and practice what i preach, i hope that this helps maybe one of you, let me know what you think .