Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I had a dream

I had a dream , but was it you,
Iwas falling through the trees,
It stopped somehow, and there  i was a floating summer breeze.

I looked for you, but you had gone,
I waited but couldn't see,
I didn't know how or why,
Is this really me.

A scent was present so very strong, 
I followed for a while,
The colours were so beautiful,
A laugh, a tear, a smile.

I knew that you could see me,
So fragile yet so free,
So everytime i think of this, 
I know your close to me.   

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

supermarket sense

My kids have a varied diet , this i know and i am sure. The reason i know this, is not only that i am the only one who does all the shopping, and cooking.

I know this because i change my shopping on a weekly basis, this isnt hard work , this isnt even a chore and this isnt expensive. I do this by buying what is on offer, i buy 2 for 1 offers and  items that are on that weeks specials, some weeks we are total vegetarians and others we have meat and lots of it.
Some weeks we have cakes and biscuits and others its fruit after every meal. I am the greatest budget shopper im the world and will not ever pay full price for something no matter how yummy it is . I will however try to recreate it at home .

So  if  you see me in the supermaket laden with offers and own labels , dont pity me , i bet you your last dollar you'll catch on soon.

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

              I felt i needed to drop you a line, and really you would of thought that, after all this time i would have set time aside, to do it properly, but its 6.15am and i have a tonne of jobs to do, but just need to do this first.

I want you to know that although  i talk to you most days, i dont always tell you that i love you, or how much i am pleased that you are a part of me. Things  with the kids dont alaways go to plan , and as they are growing up they can be quite stubborn and difficult, really dont know where that comes from , but i am pleased that i am able to talk to you about things and share with you all my woes. I want to say thank you for the time you took when i was young, to show me how to change a tyre , and build a wall ( of which will come in very handy )  , i didnt always show it then but Honestly i am grateful.

This has rather gone off the point of the note really, as i didnt set out to 'blab on' as you'd say but i wanted to say that, i do miss you and i wish i could swap one thing to spend a day with you, i laugh at your jokes now, as i seee them for what they are , (really rubbish  DAD jokes) but they are what they are .

Dad , sorry that this is a rushed note , but i will write again soon and i will post you pictures of the girls as it is sad you have never met them, i know that you will and i know that you see all . I cannot quite believe that is nearly 13yrs since my last hug. I hope that you are happy and having a laugh with Uncle Norm, Anyway enough waffling, i have a family to run, see you whenever Dad, and i love you, keep looking after me xxxxx

By the way Dad i really really miss you xx

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

You just can't help but smile.

School day mornings are  usually a rush in my house, and today was no exception. I was busy makiing coffee,my toddlers milk , pack-ups for the girls for school aswell as toast, cheerios, shreddies and  dodging boiled egg on the floor that my toddler had decided that she no longer  wanted needed. Before i went into the dining room i had popped the TV on in the kitchen to entertain said toddler, when i heard a gawforing belly laugh, i carried on with the 23billion jobs i was juggling at the time, and again a rip roaring from your toes giggle.

This time i could not ignore as i was already smilng and intrigued as to what had amused my tiny daughter so much, i headed back to the kitchen. i might just add that althiough she does laugh quite alot at mainley interaction with her siblings.

As i got to the kitchen i tippi toed behind her to see her rocking with laughter, what was causing this i hear you say...PINGU ..... for all the funny faces i have pulled mostly not needing to much effort on my behalf and rather rude noises i have blown nothing comapred to  PINGU, so i am now and will forever be a sound Pingu fan .

Monday, 8 March 2010


O'Daffodils , thou dancing there,
proud and pretty without a care,
standing there in a crowd,
cover the verge in golden shroud,
your scent is rich deep beauty to me,
but you just smile for all to see.