Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Pause in time

Have you ever had your life on pause,
Standing in limbo for any such cause,
Was it strange,or is it just me,
Could you just not decide who held the key.

Have you ever had time stand still,
Moments in life you cannot just fill,
Have you ever stood and seen a motionless sky,
The world going on but, passing you by.

Did you feel alone at all,
Or clinging on so you didn't fall,
Did the sea not meet the shore,
Was the answer behind that door.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Teenagers are a funny breed, I am sure i was never as stroppy, demanding or confident,or is it that i just don't recall the facts as they were.
We are blessed with two of them at the moment, and some times the word 'BLESSED' is used in the loosest term. Whilst we have not had teens that have got into any trouble with the LAW ,they still provide me with daily dilemma's. One of our teens, came back the worse for alcohol, and much to my horror i think that it has put him off.Or has it am i just being naive?
I have caught them out telling fibs, and i don't think that they have done anything too serious. Do i kid myself that i am getting this right, we are an open family but, there are boundaries and although the eldest is nearly 18 ,he knows that they have to be adhered too. After all we have the younger ones to think about.
They speak a different language to me , it's almost like a germ has infected their brain and now they can only mumble and shrug their shoulders,this germ is not one that needs medical attention,though i regularly ask my son if he is ill ,and that's the reason he needs to stay in bed. It clearly is just that he needs to sleep, yet reminding them at 10pm that they 'love' their bed ,doesn't cut it.
I have a theory on Teens and parenting, why is it that when they are small all parents want the very best,in respect of playgroups,schools,then somewhere after primary about year 9 of school, some parents lose sight of that bundle and other things become more important,and they invariably give up .Hence the group of kids around the shops,d they stop caring or just get tired.

Since writing this i have ,somehow become very fond of my teens and i have had time to realize that ours are not that bad,they don't swear in the house,(not that daft to think they don't out of the house) they don't fight (often) just a few spats that is easily sorted,and they help out their sisters.They both go to Air Cadets and they both have 2 jobs each. Thank you teens, though you baffle me with your music choice and secret sense of humour, we are Blessed and we are proud of you both.

Sunday, 3 January 2010


Everything done ,house tidy and little ones in bed,think i will sit and watch the telly for a bit waiting for teen 1 to get home from work ,that was the plan .Jaboo had been off her food in the day so a spoon of Calpol and she seemed fine ,then e.g shouted "mummy Jaboo is crying " i went up the stairs and whoa, she was radiating heat like i have never known in all my children.I picked her up and she stared to cough and splutter and then she was sick. After i had stripped her to her nappy, she went so floppy and was squinting at the light,my heart at this point was racing and i had to check for 'the rash' ,she had heat blotches on her chest and i took her downstairs where daddy had prepared cold flannels. That was not received well by the still floppy child and we at this point were contemplating dialling 999. After a few Min's and a spoonful of calpol she seemed less floppy and more settled , it is every parents nightmare the complications of a high temperature and what it could turn into .
Thankfully within 30 Min's she was giggly and in 45Min's was dancing on the lounge floor, children have the ability to be very ill one minute and dancing around the next.
I can say i have now three more wrinkles than i had before and for a few moments felt completely inadequate as a parent, i am sure this i a virus that will pass but it certainly shook me up .