Friday, 16 July 2010

Crafty Holidays

I have decided that this years summer break, will consist of the cheapest entertainment possible. The local councils have provided us with a booklet of all the FREE summer activities going on, from kyaking to karate, and from face paints to football. So that should keep them busy some days.(check your local councils see what they have to offer).

The rest of the time will be trips out in the car , to the seaside, Nannas and Aunties.

We will be making paper mache heads with a balloon and old newspaper, flags with paper and chop sticks, and with a roll of cheap lining paper  a long day of painting and colouring, if the weather is nice it will be sox off and feet painting , its on the field after all  .

I love having the kids off school and i hope that we can keep the entertainment light and fun .

Please however, dont quote this blog when i tell you that they are driving me insane and i am tearing my hair out.


Its a beautiful day, the dawn has broken, pale yellow sun is a sign of change,
The cool breeze, slipping through the window, makes for a fresher start.
I love the holiday season, and long for days of laughter, children playing,
I love the thought that this is the year they will make their childhood memories,
which they will draw on for the rest of their life,its such a short period of time,
yet the memories will go on to shape their future.

The boys have adventures to make , holidaying without us , and music festivals, summer jobs and girlfriends galore.

The girls have lots of playmates on the street and they have made a den for a summertime retreat, i am hopeful of a warm summer, and if not to wear out those waterproof and wellies.

Me i will carry on getting up early and enjoying the sunrise, watching the seasons change and look forward to a warm autumn of lovely walks and falling leaves .


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Todays news

Life , it is set to raise you up and then knock you straight back down again.I know that i am not alone in this thought,and i have come to believe that the saying " sent to try us" is truer by each sunrise.

Take my day today, my youngest daughter had her first session at playschool, she was so excited, and with her tiny rucksack packed, she embarked on a new experience, without me staying to watch over her.

Now, by the very sense that i have done this 4 times before, made it no easier, and the empty hand and chatter less walk home, made me feel quite odd.Having said all that i was truly pleased and as proud as could be, for her ability to do this without a single tear.

So that was my high, then came the crashing thud back down to earth, a phone call, to say our eldest teen, will never be able to join the Military on medical grounds, a shock and huge disappointment for all concerned.

This has shattered his dreams of joining the Navy, and he has lost direction, his future wiped out in a phone call.

I know that it is going to take, a good deal of talking and seeking for options, of which we will advise, but as a parent you cannot help feeling his pain.

So, that was my day, and as the moon has now risen in the dark inky sky, the sun will rise and bring a new day and new problems, and we will deal with them, because we are all together .