Saturday, 27 February 2010

Just Watching

I sometimes stop myself from publishing blogs , as i feel that they have no purpose, i don't see of what interest they are, even after i have written them, so go on to delete. For example, the other day i was 7th in line for the car wash , and whilst waiting i found myself embroiled in my favorite pastime of people watching. The first car that caught my eye was a family saloon, which clearly needed to be in the queue behind me, and was squished inside with children, (though i thought they all needed their own seat) and when the front passenger door opened out fell the rubbish, blowing over the forecourt, didn't stare though that's hard for me as i don't do discreet.

My eyes then were dragged over to the woman getting out of a rather battered Volvo, and who either is that eccentric she doesn't care, or got dressed in the dark. for as she stepped out of the car i literally did Laugh Out Loud, she had a full length fur coat on with Adidas trakkies, purple sox and silver dancing shoes with a 3" heel, she had on a lime green hat and white sunglasses, this lady must of been in her late 50's, but the loveliest thing was she had a great smile and i almost wished i lived in her head for a hour or so.

Moving up the queue, makes me frown in wonder , and i now wish i had been paying attention to what was in front of me, as the car in the car wash didn't have a driver , No he was standing at the side of the car wash watching his car being washed, i just wish i he'd seen him getting out of the car before the sprinklers started, as you cannot drive forward until you have punched in the number.

I then sat and started to listen to the radio, and thought about life in a poignant way , i saw a man on the path across the road, nervously checking his watch, Who was he meeting? Where did he have to be ? He then answers his phone and turns and ran off in the opposite direction , I hope his day turned out OK.

I was almost my turn and i could see two carers from 'The Home' trying to coax a lady in her dressing gown and slippers to go back inside, and by the hand gestures a cup of tea was on offer.

This made me think without CCTV and Big Brother, you are not often alone , and there will be someone watching , not with judgement , or distaste, but with human interest, so beware next time you have your finger up your nose , someone is watching.

Friday, 12 February 2010


Waterfall , Waterfall calling out,
The freshness of your spray no doubt,
I feel my soul is drawn to you,
The beauty you expel so true.

A wonderous creation, hidden depths abounding,
Waterfall, Waterfall glory surrounding,
Crashing, frothing at the break below,
Spectacular performance you bestow.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Tea Parties

I saw a TV programme one day, about a lady who didn't have any daughters holding Tea parties for girls in her area, this set me thinking. I do have daughters 3 of them, and 2 of them would adore this idea.

So i carefully planted the seed, in their head and Hey Presto we are on our first Tea party had been organised.

My middle daughter had chosen her friend (it was her turn)and i needed no excuse to indulge in this event.

I collected the girls from school, and whilst they giggled upstairs, getting changed into their after school attire, I laid the table,which was met by gasps of excitement when they came into the room.

I had made lots of cupcakes and butterfly cakes, I had set out the China Teapot and cups and saucers , and filled the teapot with squash,the girls all sat around the table and quietly chatted whilst in the background, my eldest daughter had chosen to play Micheal Buble , on the Cd.I did on this occasion also make warm food in the shape of mini fish and chips, but i have since rectified that.

On Thursday,Daughter 1 had her chosen friend around and i laid on an assortment of sandwiches and the obligatory cakes and squash. I have also shortened the visit, so that this does not turn into a lets now go trash the house affair, and it stays serene.

I have previously mentioned this idea on Twitter and lovely lady @wendymal has also taken to the idea.. I, for one, cannot think of a nicer way to bring our Little girls back into civilisation and indulge them in this time aged tradition.

Of course they need to be multi-talented and non- dependant by the time they are ready to fly the nest, but for now they are little girls .....my little girls.