Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Are your childs toys a member of the family?

Here's  a question that i want ask , Are your children's cuddly toys a part of the family?

My toddler has a toy dog, which was bought by herself from a pet shop, and she named him Albert.

Albert comes everywhere with us and even sits at the table for dinner, she loves him dearly and we all pay
 him the due consideration that she expects.

I have even considered buying a spare incase she loses him, i have taken photos of Albert, to remind her of her time with him.

I  would like to think that, this is forming her personality and enhancing her caring side.

I would like it however to prize him away for a wash, but whether this would happen or  would i destroy his scent.

Has your child got a toy they are inseperable from, and is it a lasting love? 

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Spring, i saw you today.

I saw you today watching me, i knew you were there, i saw you a couple of days ago,You don't have to go straight away, you can stop a while, it would  be nice. I know that you may not be ready to hang around, not just yet, i do know lots of people that would be pleased you are here though. You bring us so much joy and pleasure when you come, and its not as if you are here for long, but you are the most welcome sight, after such darkness. So please don't hang around behind the wall, come and say hello, lets enjoy each other for a while.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Where does the time go?

Its been a long time since i last blogged, and i can only put it down to family life that has taken over. So for those of you who read this here's a quick update of whats what.

Teen 1 has a new (ish) girlfriend and is very much loved up, he also is due to start a new job (as soon as his CRB check comes back) working with brain injury victims .

Teen 2 is hopefully settling down and though he still has his moments, i feel he is a good lad at heart, he is a bit undecided what to do with his life, but being 17 next week needs to pull his thumb from up his A*se and start thinking. 

DD1 she is doing well at High school and has settled in fine, gaining Merits daily, she will be 12 this year so , hormones will kick in soon.

DD2 my tiger, she is a free spirit and has landed herself a summer job already......Dog walking, she is determined to be a RSPCA Inspector when she is older.

That firmly brings me to Jaboo, nearly 3 and loving playschool, she has a personality like no other, but is still having problems with her bowels, i am in fact ringing the specialist again tomorrow for an urgent appointment, due to the constant changes in her poop, and the pain she is in.

Funny , now i have written it down and add on the washing and cleaning, the mother in law  having been in hospital, i can see where the time passed.

Hopefully i will fine more time again this year and look forward to catching up with you all.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Just me

This is me, i am a mum, and a wife and a cleaner, no different to the rest of you, but this is me .
I have some lumpy bits, and some wrinkles, no different to you, but this is me
I have dyed my hair, and dieted, no different to her, but this is me.
I  have smiled when i am sad, the same as you , but this is me,
I have failed to prove myself, just like them ,but this is me.

I have made 5 children, all happy and healthy, now this is me.
I have kept my head above the water, now this is me.
I have helped where i can, and loved it all, now this is me 
I met you and love you each and every day , this  IS ME